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The Basics

I was born and raised in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. I came to the U.S. at age 17 as an exchange student and later stayed to go to college and then worked as a corporate tax CPA for 10 years. Here I met my husband, who is from Turkey and we are now settling in the U.S. with two loving toddlers.

Education/Work History

I graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with honors in Accounting in 2010, and Master of Accounting from Texas Christian University in 2012. I received my Texas CPA license in 2013. From 2012-2022, I worked in corporate tax for finance companies.

I received a Certificate of Transformational Nutrition Coach, and Autoimmune Specialist Coach from the Institution of Transformational Nutrition (the Harvard of health coaching school) in 2022.

My passion

I am passionate about women’s health and well-being. I believe that women and moms have the power to change the world and the next generation, starting with ourselves. As moms we are the CEOs of our family, household and community, and we deserve to take care of ourselves. My story to this passion did not come easy.

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Coming from an academic-focus family in Vietnam, quite a few of my uncles and aunts are doctors and I never worried much about health. Health care was fortunately affordable and easily accessible for my family growing up. Despite having access to many doctors, I vividly remember my mom’s struggles with multiple food allergies, seeing multiple doctors and experts and always taking medication. She fought and won the breast cancer battle at age 40 and was diagnosed autoimmune hepatitis at age 57. I always assumed she got the best medical care and nothing else could be done.

My journey started in 2018 when my first baby was born. I remember holding my daughter in my arms the first moments she was born. I have never felt so much love and strength holding this precious gift of life.

“The moment a child is born, the mother is also born.”

However, after the first 24 hours, we had a rough start. My daughter struggled with low birth weight, jaundice, colic, trouble breast feeding and milk allergy. At her 2-month old check up, she had a lot of eczema. I was up day and night trying to pump half an ounce of milk, all that my body could make. I was on all baby and newborn care websites trying to find answers to her colic, milk allergy and eczema as I was not satisfied with the pediatrician’s response to “let her grow out of them”.


I remembered a period of not brushing my teeth for 7 days and not taking a shower for 10 days. Despite my efforts of researching and trying different gripe water, lotions and creams, reading baby books and blog posts, nothing really worked. I wanted to do everything I could to give this child the best start, and was constantly struggling with the feeling of failing as a mother as I watched her struggle with colic and eczema.


When my daughter was 3 month old, I returned to work. My mom was here to take care of my daughter. My mom had been diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis a few years before and was at the point that the medication she took to manage autoimmune hepatitis was giving her worse side effects than the disease itself.

In February 2019, my mom and I received the news that my closest aunt who is my mom’s sister passed away from her battle with cancer. She was a well-respected OBGYN doctor in Vietnam. She was whom I looked up to, who delivered me, my brother and thousands of babies to the world. I remembered seeing her just over 3 years before at my wedding. I never thought that would be the last time I would get to see her, and came to realize how short and precious life is. My mom and I were heartbroken.








In the moments of grief, I wondered what I could do. My favorite saying has always been “Don’t complain, make a change”. In this case, I tried to make the situation - don’t be sad, there must be something you can do. Given the health history of my mom and my aunt, I felt despair for my genetic. I wondered what I could do today to be healthy, to prevent the cancer, autoimmune diseases, eczema and allergies in my family. The thoughts of my daughter and the first time I hold her in my arms came to mind. I wanted to be there for her, healthy and vibrant, to watch her grow and one day watch her babies grow. I wanted to do whatever I could today to avoid the health struggles running in my family. I was determined that I would do whatever I could to be healthy, and I would start right now by learn how.

On my drive to work the next day, I searched around for podcasts about health and discovered the Wellness Mama podcast. Knowing nothing about health and didn’t even know what the word wellness means, I started with episode number 1 and did not skip one until I reached episode 300. Every time the car started, a new episode of the Wellness Mama podcast was playing. Through the podcast, I discovered functional medicine and was blown away. I discovered the work of Dr. Terry Wahls and Tom O’Brien on reversing autoimmunity, Dr. Elisa Song and Ana-Maria Temple on healing eczema and applied all I could learn from them to help my mom and my daughter heal from autoimmunity and eczema through food, lifestyle and environmental changes.

I loved cooking before, but learning about the power of food as medicine was powerful. Every time I get in the kitchen, I envisioned myself putting on a doctor’s coat to nourish and heal my family. Almost every night, I was prepping meals for the next day and listen to more health podcasts & seminars. I made a spreadsheet of all the changes to convert my home to a healthier home and started tackling one or two a week.

After 6 months taking care of grand-baby, my mom returned to Vietnam, did another lab test and saw a complete reversal of her autoimmune markers. She was completely off of autoimmune hepatitis medication and was feeling much better. I was very happy and hopeful with my mom’s improvement. I applied the functional medicine principles when my daughter got to food introduction age and got to the root cause of her eczema. After 9 months, her skin got completely smooth and clear of eczema.

Our battle with eczema did not end there. In 2020, during the height of the pandemic in the US, my son was born. He started showing eczema when he was 3 months old, much worse than his sister. When he was 4 month old, I remembered one day driving back home from an outdoor meet up with friends and heard him screaming and crying in the back seat. Finally able to stop to check on him, I started bursting in tears as I saw blood all over his car seat from him scratching the eczema on his cheeks. I tried every eczema lotions and made every DIY recipes I could find on the internet.


This time I decided to ask for help and found a functional health doctor. Within 2 weeks of switching formula, his eczema significantly reduced. After 5 weeks, his skin was almost completely smooth. I was empowered with the improvement of my children’s health. Instead of letting eczema continues and faces the high risk of an atopic march (eczema-asthma-autism), we were able to reverse it. I am grateful every single day touching my children’s smooth skin and would never take that for granted.

During and after my mom and children’s health transformation, I started noticing my own transformation. I learned why and how to care for myself to give others from my overflow and not at an expense of my well-being. I noticed way better energy, mood, way better critical thinking at work and calmness at home. I became “nurse Jane” at work, who love to share health & wellness ideas to help everyone. I started saying “one day when my children grow up, I would become a functional medicine doctor”. I started dreaming about a blog, a side hustle, another job where I can help people with their health and wellness journey.

On the other hand, I kept on holding back. I kept on saying “one day”. But the passion was strong and firing, I kept on getting distracted from work with thoughts on how to help people. I started a blog in 2021 to fulfill my passion, but realized fast that I could not keep up with writing after working full time and taking care of two little toddlers, without scarifying my own health. In researching for the blog, I also realized that there is already so much knowledge out there on the internet, but why there are still so many people suffering from chronic diseases and how to bridge the gap. I also felt limited in my ability to help friends and family. I was not sure how to help people more than sending them more information. I finally decided I needed a career change and enrolled in the Institution of Transformational Nutrition (ITN) to become a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach and a Certified Autoimmune Coach. I left corporate world to start my passion business, Be Well With Jane.


As I was going through my certification program, I got a diagnostic for my purple toes in 2022. It is Raynaud's phenomenon, another autoimmune condition. I am on my wellness journey to put the disease in remission at the same time I am graduating as an autoimmune coach.

Through my education at ITN, I have learned how to heal, not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually starting with myself. I went back to process grief and the emotional traumas that I put the band-aid on by keeping myself busy. I took the time to rewrite the stories of perfectionism and over-achieving that had kept me in chronic stress. 

From this journey, I am passionate to empower, create awareness and space for women to overcome autoimmune conditions so they can show up for their loved ones with energy and vibrancy.

Thanks for reading until the end. I believe as women and moms, we lead and impact the well-being of the next generation. We matter and deserve to take care of ourselves. Whether through 1:1 coaching, blog/social media posts or events , I hope you find useful tips and tools to bridge the gap between knowledge and your health.

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About Me: About
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"The growth that I experienced working with Jane was astonishing!  Having someone hold me accountable and encourage me to keep going when things got hard was critical.  Equally important was digging deeper and doing the hard work with someone I trust who is not judgmental but only wants what is best for me.  Jane helped me rewrite my story and it has literally changed my life."

— Gayle B.

Herb Plants

"Jane is a highly intuitive coach, who listens to understand and partner with her clients to design a plan that is motivating and exciting.

I usually do not like homework, but found myself looking forward to doing what it takes to meet the goals we created together.

Jane also helped my process through a difficult decision that I needed to make.

She helped me realize what I truly wanted instead of what other people thought would be a good decision.

I look forward to meeting with Jane each week. Because I know she delivers results."

— Sherry C.


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