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Autoimmune Transformation Program

Autoimmune Transformation Program

Autoimmune Transformation Program - Full program


This package is ideal for someone who is ready to transform their autoimmune conditions holistically, so they could show up for their loved ones with energy and vibrancy.  We go deep dive to transform 3 aspects of health - physical, mental and spiritual. 


Physical - gut healing through nutrition and supplements, replenish nutritional deficiencies, navigate food allergies and sensitivties. 

Mental - manage stress, trauma healing through stories based coaching as well as somatic practices.

Spiritual - meaning & purpose, relationship with themselves, loved ones, community & environment. 



  • Empathy, healing space & inspiration!

  • 18 50-minute sessions ($4,500 value)

  • Unlimited email questions between sessions ($500 value)

  • Customized coach driven check-in between sessions ($200 value)

  • Handouts tailored to your needs delivered by email ($100 value)

  • 10-day Transformational Nutrition reset cleanse ($100 value).


Package: $4,400 instead of $5,400 total ($1,000 savings). Pay in full $4,100 (additional $300 savings) or 4 installments of $1,025.


Refund policy: at any time during the program, you can request for termination and a refund of unused sessions. Package refund will be prorated based on the number of unused sessions. 


Functional medicine lab tests: I am a practitioner with Rupa Health and can refer you to functional medicine lab testing. The most common ones for autoimmune diseases are at-home gut stool test, organic acid test for nutritional deficiencies, and food allergy testing. 


Nutritional supplements: I am a practitioner with Fullscript and can suggest high quality supplements at a discount. 


Costs of functional medicine lab testing and nutrition supplements are not included with this program so we can customize to your needs.


Mission: I donate 20% of Be Well With Jane’s proceeds to trusted charitable organizations. For 2023, 20% proceeds will be donated to Bridge to Turkey to help earthquake victims. 


Together we help the world healthier and happier, one person at a time.


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