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Mini-course: Financial plan for health

Mini-course: Financial plan for health

The best investment that yields the most dividends and interests is investing in your health.


This course will help you navigate choosing an insurance plans, save taxes, setting your health goals and financially plan for your health at open enrollment. 



- Webinar

- Financial health tool


Topics covered:

- Is your health insurance choice keeping you stuck in the place of chronic health condition?

- How to get unstuck?
- An overview of the U.S. convential medical insurance model
- Why do I need to budget for health when everything “should be” covered by insurance?
- When to use different types of health practitioners?
- Tax saving opportunities available for most employees with open enrollment.
- Understand HSA, FSA and high deductible health plans.

- Tool to figure out EXACTLY which choice of health plan works best for your family next year.
- My top tips to save on health investments.
- And much more.

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